Healthy Passage unveils online smart-health marketplace

Healthcare IT player Healthy Passage has launched a new website aimed at providing a “curated, online marketplace” for a variety of smart health devices.

Named MeasuredCare, the website is aimed at a range of end users, from chronic disease sufferers to fitness enthusiasts, says Healthy Passage.

The website features an array of smartphone-enabled medical devices – including blood pressure cuffs, body scales, fitness trackers and pulse oximeters – from leading manufacturers.

Healthy Passage (San Mateo, CA, USA) claims the site’s clinical perspectives and objective product comparisons make it a “smart way to shop for home health devices”.

“MeasuredCare is built on the belief that everyone should have access to personal health devices,” said Emilie Muelly, a medical consultant for Healthy Passage. “It informs and inspires people to stay healthy and to better understand themselves.”

“Patients learn when to seek medical attention and the importance of sharing their health data with providers,” added Muelly. “This site and these devices are improving the quality of preventive care and individualized medicine.”

According to Healthy Passage, a recent explosion in the availability of wireless health-monitoring devices has made the process of finding and selecting the right product a major challenge, which it hopes the MeasuredCare website will help users to overcome.

“Our technical and clinical experts screen the products for usability and convenience,” said David Bylund, the chief products officer of MeasuredCare. “The website’s online help center and live phone support provide assistance and practical tips for using the sophisticated devices.”

MeasureCare also says it is working with established medical device manufacturers and new sensor startups to help them build their product sales and develop good relationships with product purchasers.