Gemalto, Hirschmann partner on remote subscription management

Digital security player Gemalto and telematics specialist Hirschmann Solutions have unveiled details of a new partnership on the remote subscription management of advanced M2M applications.

The companies say their solution combines Hirschmann’s (Neckartenzlingen, Germany) global asset tracking solution with modules from Gemalto (Amsterdam, Netherlands) that support high-speed connectivity on a range of networks.

The technology can be used on shipping containers, trailers, pallets and with a variety of other mobile assets and will automatically send GPS location information, inventory updates and asset data to service centers around the world.

Gemalto and Hirschmann say the service provides secure global connectivity while eliminating the need for multiple hardware designs for different regions and countries.

The technology is also one of the first solutions to be developed based on the embedded SIM specification recently published by the GSM Association.

Unveiled in late December, the GSMA initiative – which has already secured the backing of some of the world’s biggest operators – enables remote ‘over the air’ provisioning and management of embedded SIMs in M2M devices, and has been designed to ensure that different technical solutions are interoperable.

US telecoms giant AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA) has gone as far as saying it represents an important step in terms of ushering in a new era for M2M technology.

According to Gemalto and Hirschmann, the embedded SIM specification will give enterprises greater flexibility when selecting their preferred network carrier once the application is being deployed in local markets.

As a result, there will be no need to “pre-determine” network parameters during the manufacturing of devices.

“This solves a difficult challenge for original equipment manufacturers, global enterprises and mobile businesses that do not restrict the final locations where their M2M products will be deployed,” said the companies in a statement.

Gemalto and Hirschmann are demonstrating their solution at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but have not yet revealed details of a commercial launch.