FreeWave releases M2M platform for industry, govt sectors

FreeWave Technologies has released a new M2M platform it says will lower costs and speed up service deployments for customers in the industry and government sectors.

Branded WavePoint, the platform is designed to provide secure wireless connections for industrial data travelling over long distances, supporting a variety of M2M applications.

FreePoint (Boulder, CO, USA) claims the WavePoint platform will also allow customers to extend broadband connectivity to remote locations, combining IP routing capabilities with a choice of frequencies to suit “any application scenario”.

“The WavePoint product portfolio is purpose built for the growing data needs of our customers and provides an economical, easy-to-deploy, fast, secure and flexible platform that addresses a wide range of applications with a quick ROI,” said Ashish Sharma, FreeWave’s chief marketing officer. “With the ability to combine multiple frequency bands, along with wireless IP routing and support for a wide variety of industrial SCADA protocols, management services, and flexible network design elements within one cohesive solution, WavePoint is able to meet the broad range of networking and communications needs of today’s expanding enterprise.”

WavePoint says that because the platform supports “multi-purpose communications” and can operate in multiple frequencies, customers will be able to integrate it easily with existing local and wide area networks.

The platform is also set up to defend against unauthorized access, using security protocols based on advanced encryption standard (AES).

With WavePoint, says FreeWave, organizations are able to deploy a number of essential network elements – including wired network access, cellular backhaul and Wi-Fi access – through a single platform.

The company says this means customers will be able to support data-intensive applications over long distances as well as “empower” field personnel and smart devices through wireless access to back office systems.

“The underlying force behind M2M and our increasingly connected world is the communications technologies that bring it all together," explained Sam Lucero, senior principal analyst at IHS. "Mobility, productivity and connecting geographically distributed resources provides a strong case for wireless as a strategic business tool for the future.”


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