Forefront TeleCare to use videoconferencing for patient counseling

Telehealth provider Forefront TeleCare is to use videoconferencing services provided by CoroWare for the delivery of its online video consultations and counseling services.

The company says the technology will help it to provide support to people in need of mental healthcare services who live in remote areas or have difficulty using in-person counseling services because of illness or mobility problems.

The CoroWare (Kirkland, WA, USA) service – branded CoroCall – will also allow Forefront TeleCare (Emeryville, CA, USA) to overcome the problem of mental health professionals using free videoconferencing services that do not comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

In the past, some professionals using free services have been placed on probation.

“We chose CoroCall because we were impressed with its audio and video quality, ease of use, customer support and network reliability," said Phil Knudsen, Forefront TeleCare’s president and chief operating officer. “Our partnership with CoroWare will help us ensure that Forefront TeleCare can continue to deliver the most affordable, high quality and HIPAA-compliant videoconferences to behavioral specialists and their patients.”

CoroWare describes CoroCall as a high-definition videoconferencing cloud service that is available on tablet devices, smartphones and desktop platforms.

“Forefront TeleCare’s client healthcare facilities and their patients as well as providers will all benefit from the experience and reliability of CoroCall’s network and Forefront’s best in class technical support services via its proprietary Telehealth solution,” said Lloyd Spencer, president and chief executive of CoroWare.

Thanks to the cloud-based billing solution that underpins the service, CoroCall offers the most flexible pricing plans in the videoconferencing industry, claims CoroWare.

The technology also supports videoconference recording and webcasting, allowing Forefront TeleCare to better manage patient care needs, says CoroWare.