Filipino operator PLDT launches mobile M2M solutions

Filipino operator PLDT has launched what it calls a suite of mobile M2M solutions to support “credit, sales and mobile payment operations for local businesses”.

The operator is marketing the new services through its Smart Enterprise division under the brand names of Smart M2M Credit, M2M Sales and M2M Pay.

“As the Smart Enterprise mission is to be the preferred M2M service provider for enterprise customers, we believe that we have ably achieved this not just by being the first to market with these revolutionary solutions, but by also adding our network reliability and reach as well as our swelling ranks of ICT experts into the mix,” said Eric Alberto, PLDT’s (Makati City, Philippines) executive vice president.

The Smart M2M Credit service comprises a so-called mobile Credit Investigation App, including tracking features that are needed by credit investigators, and is bundled with the latest devices and reliable data connectivity.

“The Smart M2M Credit gives credit institutions the benefits of digitizing manual processes, allowing for faster approvals for loan applications,” said Chet Alviz, the head of Smart Enterprise product marketing. “With a mobile app, it lessens the time that field assets need to submit reports to their headquarters as they are now able to send their reports right after confirming needed information.”

PLDT describes Smart M2M Sales as a mobile customer relationship management tool, providing field personnel with relevant information and allowing for the automation of sales processes.

Features include sales call tracking, progress updates, performance monitoring and inventory monitoring.

“Our M2M Sales app comes powered with the certified resources of, and gives full and relevant features for sales teams to maximize their mobility in meeting the needs of their clients,” said Alviz.

Aimed at merchants, the M2M Pay solution allows for credit card payments to mobile devices through a detachable card swiper.

PLDT says it is aimed at “maximizing opportunities for purchases … without the need for cash”.