Ericsson to support Telefonica smart city rollout in Brazil

Brazilian operator Telefonica Vivo has teamed up with network equipment supplier Ericsson on a smart city in Sao Paolo.

Ericsson (Stockholm, Sweden) is initially to support the rollout of smart parking and smart lighting services and take responsibility for system integration aspects of the project.

The company says design, installation and rollout are all included in the scope of the agreement – along with responsibility for managed services, including operations and maintenance, once the technology is up and running.

“The digital city project is one of our most exciting initiatives in Brazil,” said Antonio Carlos Valente, the president of Telefonica Vivo (Sao Paolo, Brazil). “We are happy to continue our close relationship with Ericsson around the globe to deliver this important project in Brazil.”

The smart lighting service is being developed so the public energy system can remotely control and monitor the energy consumption of each light point, switching lighting on and off where necessary.

Using remote monitoring technology, authorities will be able to identify and deal with faults more cost effectively.

Meanwhile, in the smart parking project, Ericsson will install smart parking sensors across public parking areas in the municipality of Aguas de Sao Pedro.

The sensors will be able to detect whether a parking spot is vacant or not, with the aim of cutting down on traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

Ericsson says the rollout of the project is already under way.

Smart city technologies are attracting increasing interest around the world as city authorities look to reduce costs and provide higher-quality public services to residents.