Enigma launches Android version of Skyline

Enigma Telematics has launched an Android version of its Skyline asset-tracking app, designed for the tracking, tracing and monitoring of company vehicles and equipment on the go.

The UK-based company says the app is immediately available for customers of Skyline, its web-based tracking platform.

The company had already developed an iOS tablet version for the iPad and iPad Mini and says the new Android app can similary be downloaded free of charge for use on seven- and ten-inch tablets.

Enigma (Southend-on-Sea, UK) describes the app as “effectively a tablet version of Skyline 7.5” – a web-based system it launched in September 2013.

Skyline 7.5 is able to track, trace and monitor a business’s mobile assets – from cars, trailers and generators to heavy-duty, off-road construction equipment.

The company claims it can help businesses to identify inappropriate vehicle use and driver behavior, optimize fuel usage through effective fuel management and protect assets from theft.

Users can also rely on the app for access to reports, location details, asset history and routing information.

“We recognize that tablets are being used more and more each day in a business capacity and just because you are not sat in front of a computer, this shouldn’t mean that you can’t have access to the data that Skyline can provide,” said Katie Keam-George, IT manager and head of Skyline development at Enigma Telematics. “We have had really good feedback from users of the iOS version of Skyline Asset Tracking and we hope to get the same from Android users too.”

Enigma offers a range of GPS tracking and security solutions for construction, plant and agriculture, waste management, transport and logistics.

The company says its Skyline software is updated monthly to ensure all users benefit from access to the latest features.