CloudVisit and I Do App form mobile health partnership

Healthcare IT players CloudVisit Telemedicine and I Do App have formed a new mobile health partnership aimed at developing new “all-in-one” telemedicine and home health devices.

CloudVisit (Cold Spring, NY, USA) provides real-time videoconferencing technology for use by healthcare providers and patients, while I Do App (Manhattan Beach, CA, USA) has developed a range of mobile health monitoring devices allowing patients to track weight, wellness and other key biometrics from their homes.

Together, the companies hope to develop new devices and applications as part of a single mobile platform, tapping into growing demand for telemedicine and telepsychiatry services plus the rising popularity of activity trackers and at-home health monitoring.

“From a business perspective, healthcare groups and wellness centers have a tremendous opportunity to grow and better serve patients with custom-branded telehealth initiatives,” said Daniel Gilbert, president and chief executive of CloudVisit.

“With this partnership, we provide everything: private-label devices for resale, mobile app for personal tracking and HIPAA-compliant video appointments,” he added.

“Healthcare providers can become the complete fitness and wellness solution for their patients.”

According to CloudVisit, around one half of US adults already have a chronic health condition but many already own health- and fitness-tracking devices, such as portable blood pressure and heart-rate monitors or digital sports watches.

Working with I Do App, it says it will be able to design a range of private-label applications for this market.

Services could be used for internal medicine and family practices, adolescent and pediatric telemedicine, geriatric telemedicine, urgent care centers and chronic condition monitoring.

“We’re creating a powerful, online health exchange for patients and doctors, but we’re doing it in a way that lets doctors and other wellness organizations further their businesses and brands,” said Neil Friedman, president and chief executive of I Do App.


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