Cinterion powers M2M time clock for payroll and timecard reporting

Cinterion, a provider of cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology, last week announced it is powering communications for an M2M time clock, JobClock Hornet by ExakTime. The new clock uses an advanced Cinterion module to automatically capture and send precise electronic time records over wireless networks, simplifying payroll processing and jobsite management. The mobile time clock is designed for businesses with hourly employees such as construction companies, restaurants and hospitals, says the company.

According to a Cinterion spokesperson, on average, a small business (up to 10 employees) loses $25,000 per year when relying on handwritten, paper time cards.

“This is due to rounding in time reporting, reporting errors, lost cards and the time and resources needed to collect time cards, sometimes from multiple sites, and manually enter records into a computer database,” says the spokesperson.  “JobClock Hornet automates recording and communicating with a backend system, giving businesses 100% accurate payroll records down to the minute.”

Companies can reduce their payroll-processing time in half with JobClock Hornet, according to the spokesperson.

Housed in a weatherproof composite material case, JobClock Hornet uses the Cinterion (Munich, Germany) TC65i Java module for communications in any environment. With optimized power management, the module sends the time clock stamped data every hour for up to 30 days without having to recharge its battery pack. This helps ensure payroll is processed throughout the week instead of at the last minute, and it allows management to reassign work crews based on accurate, real-time staffing information, says the company.

The JobClock Hornet's lightweight, portable form factor makes it useful for mobile worksites as well as fixed locations due to its wireless ease of installation.

"With this new device we are revolutionizing the way businesses process payroll and manage work crew," said Paul Kobos, senior vice president sales NORAM, Cinterion.

According to the Cinterion spokesperson, overall pricing varies by the size of company, number of units required, as well as by how many employees are punching in and out. One JobClock Hornet unit alone is $595 not including ExakTime backend software, support or the data plan.