CeBIT 2011 Presentations

M2M Zone Conference at CeBIT 2011M2M - Connect Devices to Intelligent, Responsive, Location-Aware Networks
Maximize Investments in Mobile Networks Consumer, Enterprise & Utility Infrastructure

3 March 2011
Telematics & Automotive World Hall 7, Stand A28
Hannover, Germany

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As Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2M) technology changes the way enterprises manage themselves and interact with customers, government-driven standards, regulation, and funding continue to be energizing forces in the industry.

12:15 – Opening Remarks - Georg Steimel, Chairman, M2M Alliance

12:30 – Embedded Networking Systems in the Smart Home & Office

Moderator: Ansgar Schlautmann, M2M Practice Principal, Arthur D. Little

Panelists: Carsten Eickert, Director Media, IT & Telecoms Services, Alcatel-Lucent
Joy Weiss, CEO, Dust NetworksToni Goeller, Vice Chair, IEEE Germany
Michael Emmert, Managing Director, INSIDE M2M

• Home Area Networks – competing standards, global market assessments
• Smart Appliances – AC-power, low-power considerations
• Enterprise & Workforce - ERP, systems integration & hardware
• Security & Emergency Services – integrated remote services
• Smart Meters & Energy Efficiency – tapping the potential of Smart Grid
• Telehealth – Assisted Living and in-home mHealth services

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14:00 – M2M for Public Services & Smart Cities

Moderator: Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder & CEO, Beecham Research

Panelists: Joy Weiss, CEO, Dust Networks
Dilip Rahulan, Chairman & CEO, Pacific Control Systems LLC, Dubai
Fergus O'Reilly, Chief Solution Expert, SAP Consume to Cash

• Intelligent Transportation Systems & Traffic Management
• Connecting Consumer and Citizens to Public Infrastructure
• In-Building Automation, Municipal & Regional Infrastructure
• Electrical Grid Management and Demand Response
• Using network intelligence & device connectivity to promote Green IT practices

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15:30 - Automotive M2M, Asset Tracking, & Telemetry

Moderator: Matthias Brucke, Director Business Development, R&D Division Transportation, OFFIS Institute for Information Technology

Panelists: David Wigglesworth, Director of Data Services, Iridium
Norbert Handke, CEO, ITS Network Germany, Berlin
Kim Bybjerg, Managing Director, M2M, KPN
Per Lindberg, Business Manager Automotive, Telenor Connexion
Oliver Spielvogel, Head of PDC Machine 2 Machine, T-Systems

• Consumer OEM Telematics – what’s the fate of embedded systems as smartphone-based connectivity gains popularity?
• Consumer Aftermarket Telematics – what are the options and opportunities for connecting the installed base of vehicles?
• Commercial Telematics – what’s the evolving state of the art for fleet management systems?
• Intelligent and Connected Transportation – what are the options and opportunities for ITS and connecting public transportation passengers?
• Back seat Infotainment device integration
• Next-Gen GPS & Satellite Industry Update
• Driver Safety, Emergency Services and Insurance

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17:00 - M2M Communications: An Analyst Roundtable

• M2M Service Delivery Platforms: is the M2M Ecosystem available off-the-shelf
• Embedded Technology for Connected Devices Product Development 
• National and International Investment Updates & Regulatory Outlook
• Standards Developments with Mobile IP, RFID, ZigBEE, SmartSIM & A-GPS
• Data Ownership, Protection, and Financial Compliance
• Enabling Infrastructure for Location-Based Services & Tapping Opportunity

18:00 – Proximity & Presence – the M2M Zone Networking Event

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