CardioComm to release Windows 7 version of GEMSTM

CardioComm Solutions says it is due to launch out a Windows 7-compatible version of its GEMSTM remote patient monitoring technology.

The update will become available in June, according to a statement from CardioComm (Victoria, Canada), and is being carried out in anticipation that Microsoft (Seattle, WA, USA) will stop providing support for Windows XP in April.

GEMSTM is a remote-monitoring service for patients with heart conditions, and used by healthcare providers globally.

CardioComm has indicated that it will begin contacting existing GEMSTM customers about an upgrade to the Windows 7 version in April, and that the new release will maintain all the functionality of the previous XP-based system.

“Moving to the new GEMSTM WIN release will ensure minimum downtime associated with the typical need for staff re-training, education and/or application redevelopment of customer preferred reporting and operational capabilities,” said Simi Grosman, a member of CardioComm’s board of directors.

“The aggressive marketing and promotions planned for the release of GEMSTM WIN for the Windows 7 OS compatible platform is anticipated to generate immediate sales revenue, market share growth and positive operating results for 2014,” added Grosman.

Etienne Grima, CardioComm’s chief executive, said the company would continue to make enhancements to the GEMSTM technology platform to meet current and future needs of the healthcare community.

“This Windows 7 based release paves the way for the exciting introductions of future releases of our ECG interpretation and management technologies and service solutions in the coming year,” said Grima.

Meanwhile, Dan Pawlik, the vice president of sales and marketing for CardioComm, promised customers that the new upgrade would not be disruptive and allow them to use the same features as the XP version.