Bosch and Remedy unveil self-management healthcare service

Bosch Healthcare and Remedy Health Media have announced the availability of a new service aimed at helping healthcare patients to better comply with medical care and improve their self-management skills.

Branded Health Buddy Web, the service represents the first commercial product resulting from the partnership the two companies formed in August 2013, and is said to combine Bosch’s (Stuttgart, Germany) evidence-based health management programs for post-acute and chronic medical and mental health conditions with Remedy’s (New York City, NY, USA) “patient engagement design”.

“For more than 15 years we have delivered our telehealth solutions through our Health Buddy and T400 home-based devices,” said Micha Kirchhoff, president of Bosch Healthcare. “Health Buddy Web provides greater flexibility to support where and when patients access their telehealth sessions while expanding the scope of our content in ways we believe will better engage patients in self-managing their care.”

“Besides the proven clinical benefits of Bosch Healthcare’s telehealth solutions, payers will appreciate Health Buddy Web’s more affordable price point and its ability to quickly and easily scale,” added Kirchhoff. “As a result, health plans, accountable care organizations and provider groups can now care for a broader and more diverse group of patient populations in a cost-effective manner.”

Bosch says that Health Buddy Web expands on the key elements of its health management programs and that its web-based interface will allow the company to deliver additional features, including an integrated reminder system, brain games for improving memory and cognition and expanded content.

“Health Buddy Web is designed to be easy to use and to make patients want to come back often to access its rich resources,” added Michael Cunnion, Remedy’s chief executive. “We know that the more patients engage and activate around their care, the higher their satisfaction with that care, the better the clinical outcomes, and the lower the overall costs to the delivery system.”

The companies are demonstrating Health Buddy Web at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.