AirStrip expands into remote monitoring with Sense4Baby buy

Mobile health player AirStrip has acquired Sense4Baby and said it will immediately seek FDA clearance to expand the company’s remote-monitoring service into the home.

Sense4Baby (La Jolla, CA, USA) has developed a wireless fetal monitoring system that can perform non-stress testing for high-risk pregnancies and has already received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Commission to commercialize its medical device in clinical settings.

The financial terms of the takeover were not disclosed, but AirStrip (San Antonio, TX, USA) will now be able to introduce services that allow women to undergo non-stress testing to monitor fetal and maternal heat rate and contraction patterns at physicians’ offices, clinics and in ambulances.

In a statement, it said that patient data from the Sense4Baby system will be “mobilized” using its AirStrip ONE mobility solution, which delivers vendor- and data source-agnostic information from multiple sources and care settings to support healthcare providers.

“AirStrip pioneered data mobilization in women’s services ten years ago with the first FDA-cleared application that allowed doctors to monitor live data for patients in labor in the hospital setting,” said Alan Portela, Airstrip’s chief executive. “As a result, one in six babies born in the US is now monitored using AirStrip ONE in labor and delivery.”

“Now, AirStrip is innovating again by mobilizing waveform data of pregnant patients beyond the four walls of the hospital, expanding the ability to care for patients throughout the obstetrics care continuum,” he added.

AirStrip says the Sense4Baby technology platform was originally researched at the West Health Institute, which licensed the technology to Sense4Baby.

The company received investment from the Gary and Mary West Health Investment Fund and was the first resident of the West Health Incubator.

“AirStrip’s established expertise in clinical mobility, particularly in fetal mobile health technology, will support the ongoing clinical and commercial development of the Sense4Baby System,” said Jessica Grossman, chief executive of Sense4Baby. “Innovative mobile solutions that leverage the Sense4Baby and AirStrip ONE technologies provide an opportunity to improve the quality of care for mothers and babies.”