Aeris offers support service to take pain out of M2M

M2M operator Aeris Communications has begun offering a new support service for companies looking to take advantage of M2M technologies.

It claims the average response time for its Infinity Support-branded service is just 30 minutes, which – it says – “sets a new industry benchmark”.

Aeris (Santa Clara, CA, USA) says it is providing the service around the clock and that it will support the speedy rollout of M2M services by customers and fast resolution of any problems customers encounter when deploying M2M technologies.

“Infinity Support can’t be boiled down to a service level agreement. It’s much more than that. It embodies an attitude, culture, and passion that informs everything that we do,” said John Molise, the vice president of operation for Aeris. “As the name suggests, Infinity Support has no end: we won’t stop until our customers are satisfied.”

Aeris reckons service and support capabilities have emerged as a major consideration in the selection of M2M service providers by customers, citing a study recently carried out by Infonetics Research.

During an Infonetics survey, 71% of respondents rated service and support capabilities as “very important”.

Even so, most M2M service providers are “ill-equipped to rise to the challenge”, says Aeris, lacking the processes and tools optimized for servicing M2M deployments.

“Taking the complexity out of M2M is an important aspect to accelerating service adoption,” said Godfrey Chua, a directing analyst of M2M at Infonetics. “Heightened attention to and innovative approaches to customer service and support as well as the development of cutting-edge management tools is a critical aspect of making this happen.”

The launch of Infinity Support comes several months after Aeris introduced its Aeris GSP service – a global service platform aimed at helping mobile operators to lower M2M delivery costs and increase revenue per connection.


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